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C J Eklund Fine Art Photography. Artist. Wanderluster. Storyteller. I narrate stories with art. Let me narrate your story.

What is fine art photography?

Welcome to C J Eklund Fine Art Photography. I offer Photographic services for Weddings, Portraits, Travel and Editorial and I also offer some educational services, but you might be wondering what fine art photography is. The dictionary defines it as “Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.” which means that it goes beyond simply capturing what is there and relies heavily on the photographer to input their artistic skill and vision into the images they create.

fine art photography

What I do.

C J Eklund Fine Art Photography is a studio which aims to provide expat and destination clients with creative, fine art photography services on a high end scale. I like to build exclusive and attentive relationships with clients and focus on being a known and respected fine art photography brand in Europe and Australia. I aim to be the first choice for clients looking for fine art photography and be the artist that clients remember and value for the ability to produce memorable and beloved moments. The importance of being trusted to document epic moments in life in an artistic and beautiful way is the reason why your experience with me my is top priority.

Let’s work together!

What a Fine Art Photographer can do for you.

When you commission an artist to document moments in your life, you enlist not just a professional photographer, but also someone who is dedicated to creating artworks of your life that you want to showcase. With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry and an education in art and photography, you can be sure that you are choosing to work with someone who values your life’s moments in the same way and to capture and interpret them competently and beautifully.

Why I make my art.

I love capturing moments, I love light, travelling and I love love. I like to tell stories through my art and to make an image tell a story.

What inspires me to make it.

Old movies, famous photographers, photojournalism, beauty, books, travelling and adventure, sunset and sunrise.

What it signifies or represents.

My art represents how I see the world; full of love, friendship and light. I like to tell stories through my photos.

What’s unique or special about how I make it.

I give all work my all and I genuinely care about my clients; to know them and successfully tell their stories. To be the narrator through an artistic and cinematic medium while remaining organic in nature.

What it means to me.

My art is my life. It’s the luminous ember inside of me.


Below is a short list of the places CJ EKLUND Fine Art Photography has been featured or mentioned.

Carmencita Film Lab

Carmencita Film Lab featured an image I produced in New York in their Best of September monthly blog on their website. Carmencita are one of the most Premier film labs in Europe.

Lenses & Locals

Lenses and Locals is a Travel and Film Photography website providing tips and advice on destinations all around the world. They featured my images from Iceland in their December 2016 blog post where I was the featured photographer of the month. You can see that feature by clicking here.

CJ EKLUND is a proud member of Film Shooters Collective

Exhibitions and Gallery Shows

Feed Gallery, Illinois

In February 2017, two of my artworks were featured in the Women Who Shoot Film photography exhibition at the Feed Gallery in Illinois. The Exhibition was curated by S. R. Robinson, who is a member of a group I created on Facebook, also called Women Who Shoot Film. The exhibition ran from February 3 until February 19. You can read about the exhibit in the Kankakee, Illinois Daily Journal.

The Willow Tree, Johnson City, Tennessee

From September 7 to September 30 2017 a black and white portrait of mine featured in a show organised by the Film Shooters Collective. Showcasing work from all over the world, members of the FSC gathered their works for an all round exhibition of film photography works at The Willow Tree.


All images and artworks copyright CJ Eklund



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